Second Amendment Family GunShop

1326 West Highway 92 #5,  Bisbee, Arizona, 85603

520-432-4000          Fax 520 432 4005

David L Greenberg, Proprietor

Serving ALL of Cochise County.

"Everyone who walks through the front door is my new best friend!  I'll sell you what I can at a price we can both live with. Everybody wins, or the deal doesn't happen."

Women and children welcome with open arms.



We do all this:


non lethal (but still painful) self defense items, pepper spray, stun guns, pet safety.


C2 Tasers. Yes, citizens now have access to the best in non lethal self defense. In many electrifying colors!


hunting rifles and ammunition


conceal carry guns and places to conceal them


collectible and military rifles


accepting consignments of legally obtained firearms


conceal carry training for all age groups (Special weekday classes for retirees)


shotguns and ammunition


books by Alan Korwin, Boston T Party, Massad Ayoub and others


law enforcement and tactical equipment


safety training


voter registration, you can't win if you don't play!


will buy legally obtained firearms outright


Second Amendment Family GunShop T Shirts coming soon, call for info!


click on  gallery of guns!


Info on Arizona Rangers


Ladies Only shooting programs, by Debbie Albright, Cochise Shooting Stars!


NRA membership, special $25 per year or Life membership for $500.!!!


Cheap advice, but you get what you pay for






"Do, or Do not, there is no Try!" Yoda





The Rules

1. This is my shop.

2. If you are suicidal or homicidal, do not enter. I do not want to participate in your insanity.

3. You may talk politics here. Don’t be surprised if I talk back.

4. I will not sell you a firearm if I have the slightest doubt of your responsibility or integrity.

5. Don’t ask me to break the law, I won’t.

6. I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

7. Your expertise is welcome. If I ask you to refrain from supplying same, please do so.

8. Be respectful of my other customers.

9. This is a gun shop. If you don’t like guns, or don’t want to learn about guns, don’t come in. I do not want to make you uncomfortable.

10. If you feel that some of these rules are negotiable, remember Rule 1.





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Second Amendment Family GunShop opens in Bisbee

By Shar Porier

Published on Monday, August 13, 2007

BISBEE — “Everyone who walks in my front door is my new best friend until you make it otherwise.”

That’s what David Greenberg, the owner of the new gun store in the San Jose District of Bisbee, tells customers who come through the door.

David Greenberg, owner of Second Amendment Family GunShop in the San Jose area of Bisbee, places a Beretta .22 pistol in a display case. The new store has been open for one month. (Mark Levy Herald/Review)
The Second Amendment Family GunShop on Highway 92 has seen a steady stream of customers since opening July 3, after months of renovations to meet strict standards of security required by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

“I had to install a number of security features to meet the requirements — bars on the windows, fireproof safe and an alarm system. I also added some additional security measures on my own. I went above and beyond what they asked,” he said.

He also had to acquire a federal fire arms license.

But, he says the time and effort was worth it as he greets two Bisbee firefighters coming in on their lunch hour. 

He doesn’t recognize one of them who had been in the store in his civvies just the day before and jokes with him about it.

Bennie Scott, Bisbee city councilman and former cop, is also checking out the store.

“I heard it had opened,  and I wanted to see what he had. This is a nice shop. I think he’ll do all right,” said Scott.

Since the GunShop opened, Greenberg has sold a gun a day; that’s good in the small shop retail gun business.

“Right now, I don’t have a lot of stock. It will develop as we go,” he explains as he lifts a Russian M91 rifle that shoots accurately to 300 yards.

He knows. He took it out for target practice.

He has several unique rifles and handguns and several that have the more familiar names —Glock, Colt, Beretta, Winchester.

On the rack is also a 1904 Winchester “take down” .30 WCF with a $1,500 price tag. He found the value on the Internet and was surprised to learn it was worth so much.

There are short barreled and long barreled rifles, wooden stocks and plastic stocks.

“I have this survey that customers can fill out and let me know what they’d like to see in here. I want this to be their gun shop, too,” he pointed out.

A stack had been filled out. Most wanted to see specific handguns, rifles or shotguns. Another suggested archery supplies and another paintball guns and supplies.

The Second Amendment GunShop also offers non-lethal protection such as pepper spray and stun guns, and Tasers, civilian issue.

In talking with his customers, he is finding that his prices are competitive with gun shops up in Sierra Vista or Tucson.

And people say that they don’t mind paying more if they have to, as long as they don’t have to drive a long way.

Convenience is a plus for the shop that serves Bisbee, but he is seeing clientele from Hereford and other surrounding towns.

On the wall is a sign that says: “The Second Amendment is Homeland Security.” Greenberg is a strong believer in the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

But not everyone can own a gun, he points out. Convicted felons, people who have been found guilty of domestic violence, drug addicts and the like cannot own a gun.

The purchaser of every gun has to go through an instant background check. Well, it’s instant if no questions arise; then it could take a couple of days.

One would-be purchaser was turned down when the background check did not clear. 

If one has a clean record, the new owner can walk out the door in around 10 minutes after the online check.

“You have to be really careful. You cannot sell a handgun to someone under 21 or a long gun to someone under 18,” he adds.

A person cannot buy a gun for a family member or friend, either.

“And I have the right to refuse to sell a gun,” he said.

For his customers, he plans to offer courses in concealed carry weapons so people can get permits to carry guns. So far, his list contains the names of nearly 30 individuals aged 22 to 70 years old. To help those over 65 who may be on a fixed income, he hopes to set up a plan to subsidize the course to help them out.

“I want to be able to put people in their age group and experience level,” he said. “I hope to have the classes right here and taught by the Arizona Rangers.”

He is also handing out the fliers of Debbie Albright who specializes in teaching women a gun safety/shooting course that’s held the third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to noon at the shooting range on Highway 90 east of Sierra Vista.

“Women are given a hard time normally at gun stores. Here we treat everyone the same. We spend time discussing the type of handgun they want. Show them how to handle it and suggest they sign up for the course,” Greenberg said.

Guns and rifles can also be left on consignment, and Greenberg will do his best to make the deal happen.

He also offers limited help on gun problems but does not have a gunsmith on the premises, due to liability issues should something go wrong.

“Bisbee needed a gun shop, from what I’ve heard, so I decided to do it. The Border Patrol, law enforcement, they all have been in and said it was what Bisbee needed. It was a little scary. Retail is something new to me,” he added.

In his other life, he sells real estate and is the manager of the Bisbee ReMax office. “So far, though, it’s been great. I’m having a lot of fun, and the people  have been awesome.”

On another page of the suggestions, a woman lists party hats, balloons and peace signs.

“Well, it is Bisbee. And look, I have some,” says Greenberg with a smile holding up several St. Patrick’s Day hats. “I’m waiting for her to come back.”

Store info:

Second Amendment Family GunShop is located at 1326 W. Highway 92,  in Bisbee. Owner David Greenberg says  the shop is normally open Tuesday-Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., though you’ll probably find him there on Mondays as well.

For information,  call 520 432-4000.

Herald/Review reporter Shar Porier can be reached at 515-4692 or by e-mail at

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